Moosehead Lake Region Fishing Report
Moosehead Lake Region Fishing Report
For May 12, 2008

This spring we used trapnets to capture and mark wild brook trout in Secret Pond, a 14-acre pond located in Greenville, to obtain data on the population dynamics and to evaluate the regulations on this small trout pond. Secret Pond has a special slot limit regulation where all trout less than 6 inches and longer than 12 inches must be released alive at once. This regulation is designed to bolster the number of brook trout greater than 12 inches to produce a better quality fishery.

From April 30 through May 8, we fished 2 trapnets in two different locations for a total 378 net hours. We applied a temporary upper caudal fin clip then we released 161 brook trout, which ranged from 5 to 16 inches. The brook trout averaged 11.3 inches in length and 8 ounces in weight.

The number of recaptured fish from the 10-day netting operation provided enabled us to estimate the abundance of the brook trout population in Secret Pond. The population estimate of brook trout was approximately 321, about 23 brook trout per acre. We plan to estimate harvest and use on Secret Pond this summer by counting anglers and relying on voluntary angler and voluntary box data.

To get a grasp on the relative success of the region's fisheries the Moosehead fisheries staff relies heavily on voluntary information. These records influence our management strategies such as including stocking and regulations. This information provides us with a general knowledge of the fishery and allows us to monitor various management plans and help determine their success. Your contributions as a voluntary record keeper or by filling out survey cards at access sites are a valuable asset to the Region's fisheries staff. So next time you use an access site that has a survey box, we encourage you to take the time to fill out a survey card. Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a Record Book Keeper don't hesitate to contact the Greenville Headquarters to obtain a Personal Fishing Record Book.

Annual spring stocking of legal- size brook trout is in full swing. Hatchery staff will be stocking these trout in easily accessible waters through out the region to create 'instant fishing'. These waters are stocked on more than one occasion during the spring to insure fishing success longer into the season. Some of these waters would provide no fishing without a stocking program. Region E waters that receive catchable trout in the spring include: Fitzgerald Pond, Big Moose Twp.; Whetstone Pond, Blanchard Twp.; Hebron Lake, Monson; Shadow Pond, Greenville; Shirley Pond, Shirley; Gravel Pit Pond, Little Moose Twp. (Family Fishing Area); Drummond Pond, Abbot; Power Trout Pond, Little Moose Twp.; Spectacle Ponds, Monson; Long Pond, Long Pond Twp.; Doe Pond, Monson; Sawyer Pond, Greenville; Bennett Pond, Parkman; Prong Pond, Greenville; Big Wood, Jackman; Parlin Pond, Parlin Pond Twp.; West Outlet Kennebec River, Sapling; and Piscataquis River, Dover-Foxcroft and Guilford.

– Stephen Seeback, Fisheries Biology Specialist, Greenville