River Fishing ~ Moosehead Region
Fishing Rivers in the Moosehead Region
East Outlet of Moosehead Lake ~ Kennebec River

This stretch of river between Moosehead Lake and Indian Pond has some outstanding river fishing for salmon. A few brook trout are caught here too. You can wade in the upper sections or fish directly off the dam (there is a marked boundary around the fishway where fishing is prohibited). There are also several guides in the area who offer driftboat trips down the East Outlet. Most anglers access the East Outlet directly from Rt. 15. There are parking areas on the down-river side of the road. There is a logging road to the north of the river which provides some access to lower areas on the river. The river opens on May 1 and is Fly fishing only. Beginning this year, the season has been extended. From October 1 to October 31 you can fish under the fly fishing only, catch and release regulations.

East Outlet
The LDR King East Outlet
West Outlet of Moosehead Lake ~ Kennebec River

This section of the Kennebec is nothing like its big brother the East Outlet. This section is smaller, and has several ponds and deadwater areas. The fishing is predominately for smallmouth bass, although brook trout and salmon have been stocked in the past. You can access the West Outlet at the Rt 15 bridge or along the West Outlet Road which parallels the river for several miles. The river opens on May 1 and has a 2 trout limit.

Roach River

The Roach River is a major source of young salmon to Moosehead Lake. It can also provide some good fishing for adult salmon and brook trout depending on flows and temperatures. The Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recently acquired the land adjacent to the river. There are several access sites. You can access the upper stretch of river at the dam or off the DIFW access trail just south of the dam. There is a logging road along the north side which has several unmarked trails to the river. This river is open May 1 to Sept. 30, catch and release, and fly fishing only.

Moose River

The section below the Brassua Dam is a popular salmon and trout fishery. The discharge from the hydro station provides an attraction flow throughout the summer months. The rules include artificial lures only, 1 fish limit to Aug 15. After that its fly fishing only. Check the law book for additional rules.

The West Branch of the Penobscot River

This river is one of the best landlocked salmon river fisheries in the U.S.A. The section below Ripogenus Dam has a season long salmon fishery for larger than average fish. The river is also used by whitewater rafters during the summer months. The Golden Road runs parallel to the river for many miles and you can get out and fish in just about any spot. This year, special regulations were put in place to provide trophy salmon fishing. These rules include fly fishing only and a 26" length limit on salmon in the upper section (above the Telos Bridge) and artificial lures only and an 18" length limit below the bridge to Debsconeag Falls (After August 15 this section is also fly fishing only). Check the law book for more details.

The section of the West Branch below Seboomook is also a popular salmon fishery. You can access the river at the dam, or on one of the many walk in trails off the road that parallels the south side of the river. The rules include a 1 salmon bag limit and artifical lures only until August 15. After that, fly fishing only and a 1 fish limit.

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