Hiking Green Montain ~ Moosehead Lake Region
Mt Kineo, Moosehead Lake
Hiking Green Montain
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Northwest of Moosehead Lake and a scant 8 miles east of the Canadian border lies the emerald ridge of Green Mountain. It is surrounded by various lakes and streams - including the South and North branches of the Penobscot River. The Pittston Farm, an old logging farm whose rich history dates back to the 1830s, is 20 miles distant.

Getting there: From Rockwood, cross the Moose River (over a one-lane bride) and turn right. Stay on the main road, a very well traveled dirt road, for 20 miles until you come to the gate. There are maps of the region here, be sure to request one. Continue for 5 miles, crossing the South Branch of the Penobscot River, and after passing the Maine Forest Service complex begin mileage count here and turn right. Afterwards you will pass by the very beautiful Lane Brook Campsite, turn left and then at 4.3 miles turn right. At 5.8 miles turn right again, at 6.4 miles turn left. At 8.7 miles watch for a steep dirt road on the right which leads uphill; this is the trailhead, there is no longer a sign. There is no designated parking area, though most hikers park at the trailhead.

The Trail: Walk up the road to a clearing in which used to stand the fire wardens cabin. The trail begins here, rising gently beneath a green canopy of giant rock maples, crossing a few small streams. The entire floor of the forest is a sprawling emerald carpet of infant rock maples (which are slowly overrunning the hiking trail - and it is in need of tender loving care). Occasionally along the 1.5 mile hike you are sure to notice outcroppings of snow-white quartz. The final half mile becomes steeper, passing a small utility shed on the left.

At the 2,395 foot summit the trail winds through a small brush-covered clearing in which stands a fire tower, which was active up until 1991. You'll have to climb the tower, though you needn't get in the cab itself, in order to see the exceptional views all around you: Seboomook Lake in the east with Big and Little Spencer behind in the southeast, the mountains of Baxter State Park in east, Fifth St. John Pond in the northeast, Dole Pond and Penobscot Lake in the west lie less than a half mile from the Canadian border, beyond which is Portage Lake. By far the most prominent feature is that of Boundary Bald Mountain which looms in the southwest

After climbing back down the mountain, you may wish to stop by the Pittston Farm. Visitors are very much welcome and they offer overnight accommodations plus home cooked meals which should be more than enough to entice you to visit the area of Green Mountain again and again!

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