Hiking Little Russell Mountain ~ Moosehead Lake Region
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Hiking Little Russell Mountain
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Of all the mountains mentioned in this website (booklet), Little Russell is the furthest north. Almost 2,400 feet high, it is surrounded by other similar mountains such as Russell, Mulcalsea and Nuldedus and is located in Russell Pond and St. John Townships. A deactivated fire tower on its peak, erected in 1920, still overlooks the surrounding region, with the best views to the north.

Getting there: From Rockwood, cross the Moose River (over a one-lane bride) and turn right. Stay on the main road, a very well traveled dirt road, for 20 miles until you come to the gate. There are maps of the region here, be sure to request one. From the gate turn right and travel east to Seboomook Dam, cross the dam and head north. When you come to the Golden Road, continue north on the 490 Road. At 9.9 miles, turn right onto the Russell Mountain/Caucomgomoc Road. At 6 miles look for the sign which marks the trailhead on the right. There is no designated parking area, park off the road.

The Trail: The trail, though not blazed, is well traveled and easy to follow (as of 1993). It rises gently through mixed hardwoods and softwoods for nearly 3/4 mile, then becomes steeper. As the trail rises the views get better and from the fire tower, the cab of which has blown off, you can see it all: Loon and Chesuncook Lake in the east, Caucomgomoc Lake in the northeast and Caucomgomoc and Hurd Mountains in the north, Green and Boundary Bald Mountains in the southwest.

While you're in the area, you may wish to pay a visit to Allagash Lake and Mountain, which lie on Maine Public Reserved Land (but expect a slow-going, treacherous drive, even for a 4-wheel drive vehicle; obtain directions at Caucomgomoc Checkpoint first). A fire tower still stands on the conical peak of Allagash Mountain, but the location of the trailhead is unknown. A few miles north is a rare natural feature, the Ice Caves, trails to which are accessible from a nearby campsite.

A much closer drive is to Nulhedus Mountain. At the Little Russell Trailhead, head back to the 490 Road. Turn right and continue on the main road for 6.5 miles. There is a large sign coupled with old railroad wheels; turn left and head south. As you approach Nulhedus Mountain you will notice its steep sides and the fire tower on its 1,910 foot peak; about 4 miles down the road look for the trailhead on the left, which is an old skidder trail. The condition of the trail is presently unknown.

A few miles south of Little Russell is Mucalsea Mountain. There are several old maps showing a fire tower on its peak, however it has been inactive for nearly 75 years, and any trace of the trail has vanished. If you wish to find the tower, however, bring a reliable compass and map (Russell Mountain Quadrangle, 7.5-minute series or the St. John Pond Quadrangle, 15-minute series).

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